Click here to proceed to the seedbox. Ignore the SSL certificate warning.


Click here for illustrated, usage instructions. It was originally a college assignment, so I'm killing two birds with one stone, which is pretty sweet. Ignore the warnings, since I'm not that much of a hard-ass, but at the very least, please follow seeding requirements for private trackers! The old outline is still below.

If you torrent from a private tracker, then please follow their seeding rules and ratios.
2) When downloading movies, music, or TV shows from public trackers, please check the comments to see if they're being watched.
3) Please label your torrents unless it is something you want to be incognito about, in which case, just give it a label that nobody can recognize you by.
4) Please "Remove and...Delete Data" when you are finished with it unless you are trying to seed it. The trash button on the toolbar in rutorrent does not delete files from the server! Additionally, the server *WILL* become unstable and crash if it runs out of space. To do this, right-click your torrent -> Remove and... -> Delete Data.

To download your files from the seedbox, click your torrent, look for the "Files" tab towards the middle of the page, and then double-click the files you want.

An easier way to download multiple files and folders to your computer is to use SSH. If you want a graphical user interface for this, then use FileZilla (works on Windows, Mac, and Linux).
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